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So people keep a tight check when you have offers through the Nectar App. Its so strange I though shopping was shopping but not according to sainsburys. Seriously considering dumping my Nectar card! But each point is worth 0.

Worst double up year ever. Complete waste of time and not a patch on Tesco clubcard. This is a helpful article andy. However, I have another tip — you can exchange nectar points for ebay vouchers and earn points on ebay too. I wait until I have a decent number of points and am buying something on ebay anyway and then do this. You can part pay with this method too. I had to nip into any store, buy something and scan the voucher to redeem it. But I find the best place to swap Nectar points is on Ebay. They do regular Nectar promotions, usually around bank holidays and often they run for a week or so, giving you time to really price compare before committing to buy.

They seemed to have had some issues in getting the pre-orders of the double up vouchers right. I received an email from Sainsburys warning me that I may not receive the correct number of vouchers. Can you use your double up points at argos as i wanted to get a phone but sainsburys has stopped doing mobiles. I had my Nectar card on or around I never spent the points until as I had points when I tried to buy the iPhone 7 off the Sainsbury site. That was a poor connection and the person was of Asian origin.

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In the end I gave up trying, and Nectar sent me an evoucher for points to redeem. Unknown to me, this had to be redeemed within one year. The Nectar scheme and the people who run it are nothing more than thieves, and the bigger the business name, the bigger the scam. As I have not bothered collecting any Nectar points since the episode in , I will use up the remaining points, if I am allowed to use them on items of my own choosing, and then cut up the card. I have used the double up event every time.

Best thing to do is grab item you want, Take it to Customer services, get the double up voucher, go buy the product. I tend to get PS4 games for the kids but have also bought new Plates, Knives and clothes. If you know what you want how can you even fail not to get stuff for half price?! Went at the weekend to buy a Christmas present in Toy Department. Converted the maximum Nectar points to a voucher for that department.

Bought the toy. Now I find that John Lewis have been selling it cheaper than my discounted price, plus I have spent my Nectar points. I have effectively thrown the points away. Some deal Sainsburys! What a poorly researched and written article. Was so utterly confused by the end, that after 2 calls to my local branch by the assistant to verify my card and check my total, I bought my stuff but vowed never to get involved with the promotion again.

An assistant said to me that Sainsburys never make it easy. I agree! If you do your homework first the double up is fantastic! I am a savvy shopper…. I make my list……shop first and then exchange my vouchers for the correct department! Looking forward to the next one.

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Having worked in Retailing and Retail Management for most of my working life, so will not comment further, other than, if this is supposed to be a loyalty scheme , it should run both ways, in that I shall be as loyal to them as they are with me, I shant bother too much about shopping there if they cannot be genuine! So, add your S. Quite right.

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So long as you use the appropriate card at the point of transaction from which you exchanged the points for vouchers , then it works a treat. Having scoured the terms and conditions I was more clued up than some of the staff i spoke with. South Western Trains have double points if you book and pay online. Terrible website.

But it could be worth it if you are VERY careful and travel long distance. I think that the Double up points should include foodstuffs as that is one of the most important things customers spend their money on during the holiday season. I know that you can spend your ordinary Nectar points on groceries etc. Why not extend the double up to groceries as well? So many other loyalty schemes make it easy to double up points, this just feels too much like a false promise.

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Bargain or so i thought. Angry is an understatement. Interesting to read the comments here. Used to get them on my EDF gas and electricity account but they suddenly withdrew the offer so I changed to co op to get their points instead but they withdrew the offer too. I use nectar whenever I can but it is expensive to shop at local Sainsburys. Get BP fuel, use Expedia for travel, do the swipe X 8 deals and use the credit cards linked to nectar to bump up the points.

Used to get points at Argos but that got withdrawn also. I think they are really worth saving even if you only use them for your christmas shop. What a load of hassle! I pay over the odds for my food shop there anyway. I pay with my clubcard credit card and get meals out for my boys worth 4x the points at high street restaurants. Nectar is rubbish in my opinion! Use them up to buy the food then.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up 12222 – Just in Time for Christmas

Be careful having so much on your card. Empty wallet. I had a total nightmare on last double up. Firstly I wanted some SD cards so duly doubled up and got voucher to cover cost of 3 cards. Very disappointing!